Policy for the Introduction of Professions-Specific Second Level Domains (PS-SLDs)

August 2004


  1. This PS-SLD Policy ("Policy") summarizes the policy under which RegistryPro, the Registry Operator of the .PRO Top Level Domain, evaluates and creates new Profession-Specific Second Level Domains ("PS-SLDs") within the .PRO namespace.
  2. This Policy is in addition to, and not in lieu of, the provisions of Appendix L, Section 4 of the .PRO Registry Agreement between RegistryPro and ICANN (".PRO Agreement"). The complete text of the .PRO Agreement may be found at http://www.icann.org/tlds/agreements/pro/ . In the event of any conflict between this Policy and the provisions of the .PRO Agreement, the .PRO Agreement will take precedence.
  3. RegistryPro reserves the right to make modifications to this Policy at any time. Such changes will be published at http://www.registrypro.pro .

General Principles

  1. Each PS-SLD should meet the following purposes:
    1. To act as a unique identifier of a particular profession or professional organization. To achieve this, all second level identifiers of three characters have been reserved by RegistryPro. PS-SLDs of more or less than three characters may be introduced, though it is not today the intent to deviate from three-characters; and
    2. To clearly identify the professional group of eligible Registrants for whom the PS-SLD is intended. Attempts are made to define the PS-SLDs as obvious choices for the profession. In addition, several variations of a PS-SLD may exist to accommodate multiple cultures, languages, and identifiers of the profession.
  2. The approach to creating new second level names should primarily respect the stability and intent of the existing .PRO top-level domain (TLD). RegistryPro's policy is that any new PS-SLD should meet the following requirements:
    1. It should be consistent with the existing PS-SLDs and overall goals of the .PRO TLD;
    2. It should likely promote new, active Registrants to use the .PRO TLD;
    3. It should be likely to meet previously unmet needs of potential .PRO Registrants; and
    4. It should represent professions which are commonly understood to be of high ethical standing and well respected in the community.
  3. No PS-SLD should be created if its use and functions are wholly or substantially contained within the charter of any single existing PS-SLD unless the new PS-SLD is treated as a synonym of an existing PS-SLD to be more inclusive of cultural, regional, or linguistic differences.
  4. PS-SLDs should serve a significant community of potential Registrants.
    1. The relevant community should be as clearly defined and has needs and interests in common which are distinguishable from those of the broader Internet community;
    2. There should be support within the relevant community for the proposed PS-SLD; and
    3. The community should be as global in nature as possible, though it is understood certain professions to not exist globally and other professions are not globally defined or understood.

PS-SLD Proposals

  1. RegistryPro will consider any serious proposal for the introduction of a new PS-SLD.
  2. The proposal must include the following:
    1. The reasoning and intent of introducing a new PS-SLD to the .PRO TLD;
    2. The community which will be served;
    3. The authority for eligibility verification;
    4. Documented community support for the proposed PS-SLD; and
    5. The proposed PS-SLD three-character string or strings.
  3. The proposal must demonstrate that a reasonable number of professionals will be positively impacted though the introduction of the proposed PS-SLD.
  4. RegistryPro's consideration of a proposal does not guarantee the proposal's approval or implementation. The proposal is also subject to the approval of the RegistryPro Advisory Board and barring objection from the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).
  5. Proposals should be submitted via email to legal@registry.pro


This Policy is a guide representing the general policy of introducing new PS-SLDs to the .PRO TLD. It should not be considered an exhaustive list of all ideas, processes, tasks, or considerations used while introducing a new PS-SLD, nor should it be considered a mandatory policy for RegistryPro management and its Advisory Board to implement. Compliance with all the provisions of this Policy does not guarantee that a certain proposal will be approved and/or implemented. If you have any questions about this policy, please contact legal@registry.pro.